Master of all

The MK Double Star blade is perfectly suited for a skater leaving a combination set and remains unsure about which discipline they might end up choosing due to its versatile features. The Double Star has two bottom picks and a cross cut section which gives skaters the freedom to explore new elements. If you’re still unsure about whether or not you want to take skating beyond the axel, this blade is for you.

Rocker 7ft

Size Range 7"-12"

Blade types available

A classic blade with a consistent skating edge for crisp movement across the ice.

Unique, weight-centring technology for outstanding stability and precision.

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Toe rakes

Cross cut for a superior grip on the ice.

Blade comparison chart

Blade Usage Blade Style Rocker Toe Rake Size Range
Gold Star Freestyle Parabolic 7ft Cross 8-11"
Phantom Freestyle Taper 7ft Cross 8-11"
Gold Star Freestyle Taper 7ft Cross 8-12"
Phantom Freestyle Parabolic 7ft Cross 8-12"
Dance Dance Parallel 7ft Straight 8-12"
Vision Freestyle Parallel 7ft Straight 8-11"
Professional Freestyle Parallel 7ft Cross 8-11"
Professional Freestyle Parallel 7ft Cross 7-12"
Flight All Purpose Parallel 7ft Straight 8-12"
Double Star All Purpose Parallel 7ft Cross 7-12"
Galaxy All Purpose Parallel 8ft Cross 8-12"


Our blades are designed to endure the stresses of world-class competition. So all come with a lifetime warranty.

Your name or initials can be etched on your blades at the point of manufacture for a truly unique finish.