All our blades now come with a lifetime warranty. That’s total peace of mind so you can concentrate on making the podium.

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Use our new blade rating system to find out which ones are right for you.

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Blade Technologies

Carbon Fibre Technology

A lightweight blade made with technologically superior carbon composite for unrivalled control and cushioned landings.

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Innovative Blade Shaping

A tapered blade which centres your weight for ultimate control and stability during edge-work, allowing you to unlock your true potential.

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Latest News


Counting down our Top 10 moments of the season…#3

We did a double take during the World Team Trophy gala exhibition when some of our favourite ice dance duos switched partners mid program.


Counting down our Top 10 moments of the season…#4

There’s nothing quite like winning a gold medal on home turf – just ask Daisuke Murakami.


Counting down our Top 10 moments of the season…#5

If there was a gold medal for being the King of Cool, Misha Ge would be the reigning champion.